Sustainability and Ethics

Sustainability Strategy

Environmental Responsibility

Mammut Holdings, a heavy machinery company, is deeply committed to sustainability and ethical practices. With a strong focus on minimizing environmental impact and upholding ethical standards, Mammut prioritizes responsible manufacturing processes and product development.

Ethical Sourcing

The company ensures ethical sourcing of materials and components, adhering to fair labor practices and supporting suppliers who uphold human rights standards.Mammut cultivates long-term partnerships with suppliers who share its commitment to ethical sourcing, collaborating to implement sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.

Product Innovation:

Mammut focuses on developing eco-friendly heavy machinery, incorporating technologies that reduce energy consumption and emissions while maintaining high performance.Additionally, Mammut collaborates with industry partners and academic institutions to advance sustainable innovation and share best practices within the heavy machinery sector.

Sustainability Framework

Community Engagement

The company actively engages with local communities, supporting social initiatives and contributing to sustainable development projects to create positive impacts beyond its operations.

Transparency and Accountability

Mammut maintains transparency in its operations and business practices, regularly disclosing environmental and social performance metrics while holding itself accountable to ethical standards.

Employee Well-being

Mammut prioritizes the well-being and safety of its employees, fostering a supportive work environment and providing training on sustainability and ethical practices.

Compliance with Regulations

The company ensures compliance with relevant environmental regulations and industry standards, continually striving to exceed minimum requirements and set new benchmarks for sustainability in the heavy machinery sector.