Overview of Operations

Overview of Operation

Mammut Holding is a leading mining company with over a decade of experience operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). We focus on the responsible extraction of essential minerals, primarily copper and cobalt.

Our Core Operations

  • Copper and Cobalt Mining: We are dedicated to the sustainable extraction of copper and cobalt, essential minerals for various technological advancements.
  • Mine Management: We possess a proven track record of successful mine management in the DRC, ensuring efficient and safe operations.
  • Responsible Sourcing: We prioritize responsible sourcing practices throughout our operations, minimizing environmental and social impact.

Our Mining Fleet

  • Tipper Trucks: Our fleet of high-capacity tipper trucks ensures efficient and reliable transportation of mined materials.
  • Excavators: We utilize modern excavators for precise and productive extraction of minerals.
  • Comprehensive Equipment: In addition to tipper trucks and excavators, we employ a range of specialized machinery to support all aspects of our mining operations.

A Decade of Experience in the DRC

Mammut Holding has been operating in the DRC for over ten years. This extensive experience allows us to

  • Deeply Understand the Local Landscape: We have a thorough understanding of the geological characteristics and regulatory environment of the DRC.
  • Maintain Strong Relationships: We have fostered strong relationships with local communities and government stakeholders.
  • Operate Efficiently: Our experience allows us to optimize our operations for maximum productivity and safety.


Safety and Sustainability

    Safety and Sustainability: Outline your commitment to safety protocols and sustainable mining practices.All individuals entering our sites are supported to work in a safe and healthy manner. We promote, educate and support our workforce in making healthy lifestyle choices and recognising the importance of good mental health.

Community Engagement

    Community Engagement: Highlight your efforts to collaborate with and support local communities.
    Our dedication to enriching the lives of the communities where we operate is more than a social responsibility; it is a strategic investment. By fostering local growth, we create a stable operating environment that enhances project continuity and safeguards your investment