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Equipment Coordinator

United Kingdom
Join Mammoth Holdings as an Equipment Coordinator and play a vital role in ensuring the seamless operation of our equipment management processes and Become a crucial Equipment Coordinator at Mammoth Holdings,.

Equipment Management

United Kingdom

Coordinate the allocation of equipment to various projects, ensuring optimal utilization and efficiency and Efficiently allocate equipment to projects optimizing usage ensuring smooth operations.

Maintenance Oversight

United Kingdom

Work closely with maintenance teams to schedule and oversee routine inspections, repairs, and servicing of equipment to maintain safety standards and prolong lifespan.

Inventory Control

United Kingdom

Keep meticulous records of equipment inventory, including tracking usage, monitoring levels, and replenishing supplies as needed,Maintain meticulous records of inventory to facilitate efficient replenishment.

Compliance and Safety

United Kingdom

Ensure all equipment meets regulatory requirements and safety standards, conducting regular audits and inspections and maintaining high standards through diligent inspections and adherence to regulatory requirements..

Communication and Coordination

United Kingdom

Liaise between project managers, field staff, and suppliers to facilitate smooth equipment deployment and resolve any logistical issues that may arise and Facilitate seamless equipment deployment.

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